Dawn Lemanne, MD, MPH

She understands, however, that some patients are unwilling or unable to accept the risk of side effects that can accompany conventional treatments.  For patients who make an informed decision to forego conventional therapies, or for those too frail to withstand the side effects, Dr. Lemanne formulates an alternate program, and importantly, a plan for expediently assessing the program’s effectiveness.

Dr. Lemanne is also expert in designing individualized supplement, diet, fasting, exercise regimens that evidence shows may enhance the effectiveness of any conventional treatments a patient undertakes.

Finally, Dr. Lemanne also believes that a strong doctor-patient relationship is a vital part of care. She urges her established patients to call her with questions, concerns, and ideas.


Pursuing an interest in cancer and nuclear radiation, Dr. Lemanne majored in biophysics at UC Berkeley. She graduated with academic distinction, and upon entering medical school at UC San Francisco was named Regents’ Scholar, the highest academic award granted by the University of California.

After earning the MD degree, she served an internship and residency at Henry Ford Hospital in inner-city Detroit. She then trained in medical oncology at the prestigious Stanford University. In 2011, after fifteen years in practice, she completed a 2-year fellowship in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona. Along the way, Dr. Lemanne has earned two more advanced degrees, one in public health from UC Berkeley, the other in science writing, from Johns Hopkins University.


Dr. Lemanne was the first medical oncologist appointed to the faculty of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s integrative medicine service. She currently teaches physicians in the University of Arizona’s flagship integrative medicine fellowship, authors oncology curriculum for the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, and speaks to lay and medical audiences domestically and internationally. She is the author of peer-reviewed scientific articles as well as works for the popular press.


Dr. Lemanne sees patients in her clinic in Ashland, Oregon, and consults by phone with patients around the globe. Feel free to call her during business hours for more information.

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Learn about Dr. Lemanne’s newly-released popular book, authored with Glenn Sabin, about a man who reversed leukemia without conventional treatment.

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