Unexpected Cancer Recovery Case Studies – Part 1

hosted by Dr. Lemanne and Dr. Gordon

We all hear stories of cancer patients surviving terminal diagnoses, mostly using methods outside of standard care. These stories are rubbish, right?

There are no real records that document how these cases unfolded; there’s just hearsay. The scientific medical literature contains no records confirming the claims of patients who say they’ve recovered from “incurable” cancer.

That’s what most people, including physicians, might say.

So they’d be shocked to learn that many such cases have been carefully documented. The details are carefully covered, and by the very physicians who cared for these patients, physicians who took the time and effort to publish these unusual cases in the peer-reviewed medical literature, in hopes of stimulating research. Included are physicians from elite cancer research and treatment centers like MD Anderson Cancer Center and the University of California, San Francisco, and publications such as the Journal of Clinical Oncology, published by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

These cases are archived in PubMed for anyone to see. Access to PubMed is free to anyone with a computer.

In the two Unexpected Cancer Recovery Case Studies videos, Dr. Lemanne and Dr. Gordon take you on a journey exploring the case reports of patients who recovered from cancers considered incurable by current standard treatments. I want to make these cases, and the hope they engender, available to my patients and anyone else interested.

Unexpected Cancer Recovery Case Studies – Part 1: FREE
Five cases of complete response to unusual treatments, including widely metastatic triple negative breast cancer, metastatic adenocarcinoma of the pancreas (pancreatic cancer), soft tissue sarcoma metastatic to the lungs, and multiple myeloma resistant to standard therapy. Cases were reported by physicians associated with the University of Washington, the University of Nevada, and United Kingdom’s National Health Trust. Successful treatment approaches varied widely between patients, from metronomic chemotherapy to fish oil to a common kitchen herb combined with hyperbaric oxygen.

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Unexpected Cancer Recovery Case Studies – Part 2
The second video contains many more cases from various doctors, prestigious universities, and clinics around the world. Video 2: $20. Learn more »

A reference list with links to the PubMed abstracts of all cases discussed in both videos is also available for $15. These articles may be particularly helpful when discussing treatment options with your oncologist. Learn more »