Let Patients Help!

Question: My doctor says my condition is incurable. But I want to be cured. What can I do?

Answer: Start by reading this book, Let Patients Help! by Dave DeBronkart. It’s short. 67 pages. And it has likely saved many lives.

This small book was written by a patient who refused to accept a “terminal” diagnosis. He searched for—and found—a nearly-forgotten cure for his own “incurable” kidney cancer. This cure wasn’t alternative. It was quite standard, and the medication is easily available in any hospital.

Yet DeBronkart wasn’t offered this treatment. It wasn’t even discussed as an option. He had to bring it to his oncologist’s attention.

This particular treatment isn’t routinely offered to kidney cancer patients because it isn’t very impressive, at least statistically.

Very few patients given this treatment get better, and the side effects are uncomfortable enough to give one pause. (Fortunately these side effects are temporary.) But for a few patients with a certain type of kidney cancer, like Dave DeBronkart, this treatment works very well.

Let me repeat: Dave DeBronkart’s oncologist thought he was going to die. Instead, Dave found a treatment that worked, and made a complete recovery.

If you’re a patient, read Let Patients Help for the insider’s advice on how to do your own research, how to share information with your doctors, and how to advocate for yourself. Then give the book to your doctor.

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