Why this “non-compliant” patient’s success blew me away

Glenn Sabin’s chronic lymphocytic leukemia went into complete remission. His treatment? Certainly not what the doctor ordered. Instead, he made up his own treatment, while his doctors watched and recorded it all. Mr. Sabin’s case turned out well. But there are dangers to this approach too. Listen here as Dr. Lemanne is interviewed on radio about the pros and cons of Mr. Sabin’s home-based cancer experiment.

Glenn Sabin regained his health without conventional cancer therapy. But don’t try this at home! Mr. Sabin enlisted help from forward-thinking oncologists at Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

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Have you chosen a great oncologist? To know instantly, answer this one question.

Choosing your physician is the most important decision you’ll make about your care. Your oncologist is your gateway to treatment. When your life is on the line, you need your oncologist to go to bat for you. Some will. Some won’t. And you can’t always tell up front. So ask this one question before you settle on a particular oncologist. Your life may depend on the answer.

Are all reports of “natural cancer cures” bogus?

No. They happen. In a long career, an oncologist is likely to encounter several such cases. But these cases are rare. We’re talking about unexpected recoveries from cancer–people who beat the odds and completely recover, without conventional therapy.

Some such reports are scams. Others downplay or go mum on the conventional therapy they freely used, and give all the credit to an alternative treatment.

A few cases report on disappearance of unbiopsied abnormalities that were never confirmed as cancerous.

However, when unexpected recoveries are properly diagnosed and rigourously documented, they are acknowledged and labeled “spontaneous remissions.”

Even with legitimizing label attached, these very special events are ignored by most cancer researchers. However, these are not “spontaneous” remissions, events that occur without cause. There are solid, scientifically-valid reasons for these occurrences. We just don’t know what they are.

What caused the cancer to simply disappear in these cases? Genetics? Diet? Herbs? Supplements? A combination of the above? An infection? (Yes, certain infections have been observed to reverse some cases of cancer!)

If only we knew what caused this rare and happy event–recovery from cancer without conventional treatment–how many other people with cancer might benefit!

Ask your legislators to support government-sponsored research into unexpected or “spontaneous” cancer remissions. Here is one such case several colleagues and I published in a peer-reviewed journal recently.

Here is one such case recently published in a peer-reviewed journal. 


Is your sleeping pill killing you?

Sleep aids. Hypnotics. Sleeping pills. They’re called many things. There’s the powerful Ambien, available by prescription. Some have poetic Benadrylnames like Sonata. And I love the Lunesta television ads, with that gorgeous-creepy butterfly flitting past a calm moon to put a restless insomniac away. I mean, to sleep. And over-the-counter Benadryl or Tylenol PM, taken by millions without a thought, they’re innocent as can be, right? Actually, these popular  drugs have a very dark side indeed. Read more.