Q: What does Oregon Integrative Oncology do?

A: We find the very best treatment for each cancer patient. We look for answers and options we’d insist on for ourselves, or for our loved ones, and we look far and wide.

Q: Why is that important? Doesn’t any oncologist do the same?

A: Certainly the vast majority want to. And they try as hard as they can to do so.

However, most oncologists are paid by insurance companies, hospitals, or large pharmaceutical distributors. The time pressures resulting from those reimbursement models prevent most oncologists from spending more than a few minutes pondering a patient’s case. The oncologist usually has to rely on one-size-fits-all treatment protocols just to get through the day. Patients typically spend more time with physician “extenders,” a euphemism for nurse practitioners and physician assistants, than they do with the doctor.

At Oregon Integrative Oncology, however, we work for you.  We are not paid by your insurance company, employed by the local hospital, or supported by a multinational pharmaceutical distributor. That freedom allows us to delve into the smallest details of your case, and to search the medical literature for cutting edge breakthroughs all over the world. We do not use “physician extenders.” Any professionals we invite to become involved with our patients are there because of the expertise they bring to the care of our patients, not because they allow the physician to escape to “more important” tasks.

Q: Is Dr. Lemanne a conventional oncologist? Or an alternative oncologist?

A: Dr. Lemanne is a conventionally-trained and board-certified medical oncologist. She has also completed a 2-year formal fellowship in integrative medicine. She is a recognized expert in integrative, complementary and alternative cancer treatments. She uses both conventional and evidence-based complementary treatments in her practice, combining the two approaches in various ways that make sense for each patient.

Q: Can I consult with you but keep my regular oncologist?

A: Yes.

Q: Where is Oregon Integrative Oncology’s clinic?

A: Ashland, Oregon, USA, renowned for its world-class Shakespeare Festival, and as a hub of non-conventional health practitioners.  Ashland is a tourist town with numerous and pleasant lodging options.

Q: Where is Ashland, Oregon?

A: On Interstate 5 in southern Oregon, a few miles from the California border. The nearest airport is 13 miles north in Medford, Oregon.

Q: Can I arrange a phone or web (Skype) consultation?

A: Yes. Dr. Lemanne consults nationally and internationally. Long-distance consultations are informational only, meaning that any tests or treatments you need are prescribed, given, and overseen by your local physician.

Q: What insurance plans do you accept?

A. Oregon Integrative Oncology accepts no insurance plans.

Q: Why don’t you take insurance?

A: Oregon Integrative Oncology works only for our patients. We maintain no business relationships with insurance companies.

Q: Do you sell vitamins or supplements?

A: No. In order to give impartial opinions, we refrain from business relationships with any pharmaceutical, vitamin, supplement, or herbal preparation proprietors.

Q: Will my insurance plan reimburse me for using your services as an  “out-of-network” provider?

A: Some will. It’s worth asking your health insurance provider ahead of your appointment.

Q: What if you order blood tests or scans? Will my insurance pay for those?

A: Usually yes, unless the test is unusual or not covered by your insurance plan. Our office can help determine this as the need arises.

Q: Will you dismiss me as a patient if I don’t follow your advice?

A: No. We respect any decisions you make regarding your care.

Q: My doctor has given up on me. Can you help me?

A: We can’t promise to cure you. We can promise to search far, wide, and deep for real solutions for you. We never give up on anyone.

Q: What if I want to stop treatment?

A: We respect and honor any informed choice you make about your care. If you decide to stop anti-cancer treatment at any time, we will still work to help you achieve as much comfort and joy in life as possible.

Q: Does Oregon Integrative Oncology perform assisted suicide?

A: No. Click here if you would like information on the Death With Dignity Act.