Take control of your cancer care. Now.

Do you resonate with the following statements?

  • You are wary of the one-size-fits-all cancer treatment protocols many oncologists now download from the internet.


  • You want your oncologist to delve deeply into your case, to seek out the latest research, including results not yet published, to perform advanced testing if called for, and to present you with all reasonable options for treatment.
  • You demand evidence of effectiveness and safety before embarking on any treatment, whether conventional chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, or “natural cancer therapy.”


  • You understand that diet, exercise, supplements, sleep, and stress control can be as important to your survival as drugs, surgery, and radiation. You expect your oncologist to be knowledgeable about the effect of lifestyle on cancer survival.
  • You expect your oncologist to discuss with you articles, ideas, or treatments you’re interested in.
  • You expect your oncologist to be expert in conventional anticancer pharmaceuticals, and also open to the responsible use of naltrexone, cimetidine, metformin, betablockers, NSAIDs, and other off-label anticancer drugs.
  • You expect your oncologist to be willing and able to discuss in detail the evidence pro and con for natural cancer therapies and alternative cancer treatments such as fasting, the ketogenic diet, supplements, herbs, hyperbaric oxygen, stress management, and various anti-cancer diets.
  • You understand that unless you live in a very large urban center, the ideal treatment for your cancer may not be available in your community, and you are willing to travel, if necessary, to obtain the best care from world-class experts in your condition.


If you’re satisfied with your current cancer care, continue with it. But if you’re wondering if your treatment plan is everything it could be, review our services to see if our work is right for you.

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